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Forensic Graphology

dr. Lidia Fogarolo EmailLinkedIn

forensic handwriting expert
questioned document examiner

  • Psychology graduate (University of Padua – 1978)
  • specialised in Graphology (Grapho-analysis Centre and School of Padua – 1978)
  • registered in the panel of expert witnesses of the Courts of Padua since 1985
  • registered in the panel of experts in criminal matters since 16 December 1994

Forensic document examination is requested in the event of a formal repudiation of signatures affixed on contracts, in civil law, and in all those cases in which handwriting is used in order to commit a crime for which it becomes necessary to identify the authorship of a piece of handwriting, this same action entailing criminal liability.
Although in the judicial field, graphology can offer an important contribution even in its more precisely psycho-diagnostic sphere (for example in the evaluation of the soundness of mind, in the assessment of the existence of disordered mental conditions, of temporary or permanent disposition to carry out a certain behaviour due to the personality’s direct tendency), in this section the graphological method’s possibilities are presented in only determining that a handwriting belongs to an individual or not, describing briefly the methodology applied in order to arrive at a judgement concerning the autography/apocrypha of a handwriting or to the identification of its authorship.

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