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The laws of physics and handwriting physiology

Examination of handwriting cannot disregard the knowledge of the laws that regulate graphic movement from the point of view of physics and handwriting physiology. Both categories of laws concern the examination method and it is precisely the phenomenological observation of the handwriting in the physical and physiological sense that allows us to distinguish, for example, between a spontaneous handwriting and that which is contrived.It is known, for example, that the graphometrical comparison between homographic handwritings written at varying speeds can provide conflicting data with regard to parameters such as width, pressure, slant. On this point the experiments conducted and directed by Saudek have highlighted that acceleration entails simplifications and shortenings of the graphic stroke, rushing the lengths, increased coherence, increased horizontal dilatation, reduction in the diligence of the shape. If the comparative autograph handwritings are sufficiently varied with regard to the speed of execution in order to allow assessment of the individual methods implementing the principle set out above, an increase in the speed of execution of a handwriting under examination coexisting with a high definition graphic and not by a reduced inter-letter relation compared to the given specimens would therefore be suspicious.