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Padre Pio

Portrait: Padre PioCompletely different is the personality structure which accompanied another great mystic, Padre Pio from Pietrelcina, who had to surrender to something less gratifying for a man: the loss of his mind’s control on himself.

Handwriting sample: Padre Pio

Graphologically, this can be easily guessed from the fact his handwriting shows many signs suggesting direct expression of inclinations on which no mental selection or sorting can be made. In this case, his whole personality cannot accept any mediation, nor mind or will adjustments because of the signs: Rushing with a high value, which demands immediate expression of feelings; width between words is totally lacking, therefore there is no mediation related to critical thinking; Right Bent Extensions extremely high, thus no chance of controlling himself by mere strength of character; very high Filiform, revealing so subtle a sensitivity to perceive impalpable streams, thus feeling everything on himself and responds to everything unmediatedly.

The only visible stop in Padre Pio’s handwriting comes from frequent breaks, from trying some analysis of himself and the experience he lived so dramatically. But such breaks are just a pause, in order to slow down a little his path; it is not a mind ability, like Wide between Words, which supports any mind through ponderation.
Therefore, Padre Pio could not but express himself in such an absolute way, totally devoid of any mental mediation, that is, devoid of any manipulation performed by personality which could show an image of his life more refined, correct, logical from any point of view by selecting parts inside himself.

Outside, debate blustered: was he saint or hysterical, if not a mere cheat, taking advantage of others’s naivety? And, inside himself, he heard the same disquieting question: what has my own path to do with God, who is also Rational, Logical Mind?
No mental mediation nor manipulation on himself was available to Padre Pio: this is myself in my wholeness, I cannot discriminate some parts from other parts of myself, because my personality structure contains too many signs of opening and surrender. My mystic experience cannot be but total acceptation, else I have no mind’s nor character’s skills to follow such a path.

But it can also be understood how disturbing and full of anguish such a path in the dark (no light from the mind) can be for a person , therefore it cannot be exactly understood if the path is heading towards Heaven or Hell.
About this he wrote: “I would prefer thousand crosses, more, any cross would be sweet and light to me if only I had not to face this trial, to feel all the time unsure to please God through my acts”

Rehabilitation from the Church gave him only little relief from such an agony.