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John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Portrait: John Fitzgerald Kennedy


In spite of his official persona always wearing a quiet smile, Kennedy appears to be a deeply unquiet man (Rushing, Impatient, Quick), almost tortured by his restlessness which pushed him to get all he wanted immediately, unmediatedly, without any discussion, because he had to be himself always and anyway.

Handwriting: John Fitzgerald Kennedy

We enter now the image of a man who does not ever ask, but just takes: his unability to ask for anything depends also on a kind of intellectual obscurity, an unwanted consequence of his powerful intuition (Methodically Uneven, Rushing, both above average) and of “his proneness to harsh criticism in order to get rid of anything that can annoy him” (Sc, 172)
His feelings demand instant satisfaction, up to the total exhaustion of its drive, as it is based on his instinctive diagnostic ability which allows him to rapidly analyze all complex situations and to feel-almost like a psychic-the necessarily consequent action, already ripped of any accessory element, therefore logically unavoidable (Rushing, Essential, Quick, Methodically Uneven). Hence, his strength in action comes from intuition, from his ability in rooting onto essential, deep goals; however, it is unable to mediate, because he must be, always, totally himself (A Angles, Rushing) and is not patient enough to listen to the others’ point of view, especially when coming from pedantic, predictable, narrow-minded and narrow-hearted people. On the contrary, he needs to widen his intelligence through the contact with everything new, always by means of his typically passionate approach where insight anticipates intelligence itself and his curiosity makes him accept any challenge coming from the unknown.

A passionate man, capable to break down walls because – as everybody says or maybe hopes – good luck helps the brave, the hero who puts at stake all his possessions: a man who is neither scheming nor diplomatic, as he acts deeply from his heart. America can rightly be proud of identifying with such a man who, nevertheless, was not perfectly suited to be a politician, as he was not ponderate, was unable to mediate, to smooth situations down, lacking any diplomatic skill as he used to speak his mind – directly – and do what he liked – immediately.

Restraining himself – using for instance the signs Short Cut and Essential – was for him a real stress and required him self-control above his power.

Yet, where did Kennedy’s passion for women come from, in spite of his wonderful, perfect family he used to show in front of cameras? He was in fact obsessed by his quest for female company, a search led quite roughly (“Else I’ll get a headache”, it is reported he said to an English Prime Minister). As his assistents’ job included also finding women for the President; therefore, as it was considered a job delegated to others, no choice related to personal taste is considered.

Actually, there are several elements recalling such an unrestrainable attraction : instinctual and emotional Dominance, overwhelming the mind power; the torturing inquietude he could not get rid of (Rushing, Springing, Methodically Uneven, Top opening of A-O, Thrown away); a drive to feel powerfully feminine appeal because of his direct proneness to passionate feelings (Rushing, Springing, Methodically Uneven, Top opening of A-O, Thrown away); his need of a fusional feeling to relieve the competitive drive which pushed him (A Angles ). We therefore get into the field of sexual addiction aimed to get rid of excessive stress, in the same way other people may use alcohol, drugs, pills or all the above.

And in the meantime, what was happening to the First Lady, how was shaped the feminine personality who could stand such blows without falling herself too into a self-destructive delirium? Her man was attractive, therefore the blows of unending unfaithfulness- unselective and brash as it was not restrained nor hidden-were much more painful, as they did not allow her to keep up with the appearance, that is, with her wife’s role and image. Everybody knew.

Handwriting: Jacqueline Lee Bouvier

Her handwriting too is strongly characterized by Methodically Uneven, a sign of highly original intelligence and feeling, in a setting of inner vivacity but, at the same time, self-control thanks to her mastering of exteriority (Accurate, Elegant ) and her backing emotional movement in original contraddiction (Backward Slant). As usual, because of the strange – often predictable – interactions in couples, when a man is intensely passionate (therefore, is afraid to lose his self-control) tends to choose as a partner -wife, not lover- a well-rooted woman, able to be a wall that can restrain her husband’s drive to yield to passions.

Nevertheless, the sign Backward Slant, which strongly feels jealousy, suffers because of the other’s cheating: the other has not respected her great intelligence, her heart and her social role.

She could stand all that, establishing very creative personal and public spaces for herself, accompanying him in his political career and – maybe – got her final revenge, incomprehensibly getting married to Onassis.