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Vivien Leigh

Portrait: Vivien Leigh

His handwriting is not easy to be analyzed, as it is so full of substantial qualities, in such a unique combination, to have almost no similar reference in literature.

Handwriting: Vivien Leigh

Outstandingly evident his mental power (well-balanced triple width above average) and his strong originality in (intuitive) thinking and feeling, all of it related to the sign Sinuous which is really powerful in this case, as it is surrounded by all the possible qualities to enhance its expression. In addition to the above mentioned signs, Fluid (the highest possible spontaneity), Connected (logic), A and B Angles (capacity to root into himself to express his uniqueness to the full), C Angles and Lithe (complete capacity to avoid obstacles).

Capable to get into any role in the full immediate expression and capacity of psychological introspection: this is only one of the innumerable gifts in Vivien Leigh.