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Robert Redford (the adventurer)

Portrait: Robert Redford

In this case instead expression and memory power come from this actor’s concentration power. In a context of high Methodically Uneven a triple width is also found, which is one of the main indexes of disposition to material detail memory, in addition to the sign Rushing.

According to the film-maker Sidney Pollack who directed him – among others – in the movie “The way we were”, Redford needs a preparatory stage to concentrate on the movie and, immediately after, he goes into action. He hates repetitive rehearsal, as he intuitively realizes his performance is losing emotional intensity. Evidently, he lacks inner quiet to enter into some routine: habit is harmful to people with Rushing, as such personalities gains strength only when dealing with new things, challenges and empty out, losing enthusiasm whenever facing something well-known, predictable, already experienced.

Therefore, intuition of the context, detail memory and finally art, as a free (intuitive) expression related to his capacity to understand promptly what is needed at the present moment: consequently, his witty remarks cannot be repeated (Sinuous, Rushing, Springing, Thrown Away), he shows no attitude to long speeches (Dark, Impatient); he can also give the impression of a very concentrated (and consequently highly expressive) – vital energy, and also he show his inquietude and his being totally unable to adapt himself to ordinary social rules (Narrowness, Rushing, Methodically Uneven, Dark, Impatient). On such basis his choice not to play ever the role of leader (too boring ruling others), or altruist (not because of wickedness, but due his need of expressing himself thoroughly). A genius and an individualist: an explorer (“My Africa”), a writer (“The way we were”) expressing his uniqueness intensely, originally and with a totally free expression of himself.