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Paul Newman (the thinker)

Portrait: Paul Newman

His well balanced widths, the sign Essential at a high degree with Methodically Uneven also very marked and a widespread sinuosity can explain us his understanding glance, both essential and, at the same time, highly original.

Handwriting: Paul Newman

As the size cannot be measured, it is important to say that his memory comes from his clear mind (triple width above average) and from his ability in reducing everything to essential (Essential), his logic so that from a fact another very specific one necessarily derives (in addition to a slight angularity that keeps under control the sign Curve). As Moretti says, people with the sign Essential at a high degree “do not tend to outbursts, because they always take a pause between cause and effect”  (T, 201). Moreover, his handwriting is very plain: he always chooses the simplest way to get to his goal and this comes from a conclusive and process logic also belonging to the sign Essential. His well-balanced triple width above average enhances the sign Essential, further emphasizing that for Newman all in the world must be objective matter, not appearance; that results in demanding mental sorting work    due to a very strong disposition to the observation of reality in the cleanest possible way.

Therefore, a man devoid of megalomania, but sympathetic thanks to a seeing and understanding glance on humans, on their strong and weak points.

Butch Cassidy’s character fits him perfectly, 100%, as he plays himself, his good nature, his subtle sense of humor which is not biting nor judging (Curve, well-balanced triple width); his leadership power comes just from having a superior mind and not from the need to rule people.