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Meryl Streep

Portrait: Meryl Streep

It is interesting to know this actress can play different roles, adapting her accent to what is required: for instance, in the movie “My Africa” she played the role of Karen speaking English with a very strong Danish accent.

However, in her case it is not only her voice to give life and depth to her performances, but also her capacity to play many different roles creating all nuances in thinking, feeling and emotion, necessary to make each role she played so enthralling.

Her writing is characterized by a slight intensity of the graphological signs, all kept perfectly under control: they are present, but do not look so evident if considered one by one. Given that there is no visible reason it could be said an actress’ handwriting, there are a strong Methodically Uneven, well-controlled widths, very high Fluid and Connected, B Angles and a widespread C Angle to connect it all.

Handwriting: Meryl Streep