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Jane Fonda

Portrait: Jane Fonda

This combination is often found in actors’ handwriting, because it reconciles material detail memory with spontaneous expression; the signs Fluid and Connected explain why he is so spontaneous in action, capable of facing any kind of situation immediately while the high narrowness of letters and between letters shows the proneness to material detail memory;  moreover, loops and wrappings originate those inward movements to root somehow into some kind of introspection and restrain (without showing it) the excessive Fluid that brings high spontaneity but high shallowness as well.

Handwriting: Jane Fonda

Such a combination, both in general and in this specific case (Fluid/ Connected, Narrow letters and Narrow between letters, Wrapped up) does not support the sign Methodically Uneven, so that original expression could be lacking; narrowness instead does not allow interpretations different from the self.