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Dustin Hoffman (the subversive rebel)

Portrait: Dustin Hoffman

He appears one of the few actors who can play every kind of role, to go out of himself to be someone totally alien to himself; for instance, the feminine character of Tootsie, the autistic in “Rain man” which got him the Oscar prize, the outcast in “Accidental Hero”. Such accurate performances require long preparatory studies and the ability to introject all of it and translate it into an expressive articulated and complex movement, not repetitive nor stereotyped; otherwise, an actor cannot perform the main character’s role without becoming boring. Whereas Dustin Hoffman is charming, entertaining, convincing and also invites to reflection, as he is a social issue movies actor.

Handwriting: Dustin Hoffman

The handwriting shown below can be analyzed only in outline. As quite undefined in detail. The following graphological signs can be identified:

  • Letter width and width between letters above average, related to openness of mind and heart, both essential to really put himself in somebody else’s shoes;
  • Flourishes of Subjectivism and almost no width between words related to the rooting into the Ego who wants instinctively, without any rational mediation (perfectly useless trying to have him thinking about the outcomes of his actions);
  • Connected, related to a deep persistence in action;
  • Accurate 0/10, therefore no worry about exteriority nor fear of losing dignity in socially not outstanding roles;
  • Twisted, related to observation and contradiction, in addition to some subjectivism that characterizes him;
  • Methodically Uneven, strong, restless, breaking with tradition.

Actually, maybe the only role he could not play is the quiet man of habit or the rational person, used to thinking before acting.