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Taking drugs and the graphological sign “Disconnected”

First, it should be specified that Disconnected is an accidental sign, hence it cannot characterize the basic structure of intelligence and sentiment, but only give expression to the personality need (proneness, necessity, ability) to fractionate its inner and outer movement. Such personality aptitude  should be correctly understood in the writing context, as it may progressively suggest:

  1. proneness to detailed analysis, that is capacity of the mind to focus more in details than in context, at the expenses of synthesis ability;
  2. fragmented view and consequent inability to logical, sequential action and thinking, to the point that –when graphical fragmentation involves single letters too-it may suggest a disintegrated personality;
  3. inner movement too burdened with inhibition or other kind of constraints that inhibit the Ego’s movement.

Actually, these latter cases (2 and 3) suggest a pathological fragmentation due to a strong reduction of the sign Fluid (i.e., loss of intellectual, emotional and active spontaneity) and not to a very high value in Disconnected. A tendency to analysis, to be qualified, should be supported by the sign Fluid.

  • Fig. 3 –  Kurt Cobain’s handwriting:  Disconnected with Fluid (proneness to analysis)

Whenever the sign Fluid disappears, clearly the mind- previously affected by troubles in perceiving the whole- becomes slower and slower, enhancing the problems related to entering a contextual view.
About Kurt Cobain, it is visible a difference between the two writing samples; in the sample above, the sign Disconnected and Connected are both present in a context of high fluidity-suggesting intellectual and active spontaneity-, in the sample below there is a remarkable graphic involution, implying a psychic fragmentation in progress, due to:

  • a dramatic increase of the sign Disconnected
  • a marked decrease of the sign Fluid, replaced by the sign Slow;
  • a loss of graphical distinction, caused by confusion in the sign “Spacing between Words”, clearly showing a weakening of critical analytic skills, and, moreover, confusion in any kind of perception, even the simplest one.
  • Fig. 4 –Kurt Cobain’s handwriting: Disconnected and Slow (loss of graphical distinction, mental confusion)

These three data are highly important in order to evaluate  the level of disintegration in progress. Therefore, the sign Disconnected is not enough; an increased psychic fragmentation in a context of slowing down mental functions (Disconnected-Slow) should be visible, together with a loss of critical analysis skills are the features to become addicted to any substance, be it alcohol or a drug (7).