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  2. “Kerouac wrote all his books under some drug’s effect, therefore each one is characterized by the specific substance he used the most while writing. On the road, in spite of all the reviews it went through, exhales a feeling of nervousness and strain, typical effects of benzedrine. After all the drugs he took while working on Dr. Sax, Kerouac’s hallucinations overflowed on his prose. He himself thought the text had a “really hallucinated style”, as he wrote under a marijuana’s and morphine’s uninterrupted effect.” (Quoted, p.60)”
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  7. The importance of evaluating the signs Disconnected, Spacing between Letters and Spacing between Words when considering addiction was briefly pointed out by G. Luisetto during the Ist Seminar Course organized by AGI-Veneto in 1993. The convention’s acta were published and are still available. The quote can be found at p. 138-139.