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Signs of psychic suffering

The Morettian method is based on the recognition of the energetic contributions of the individual graphological signs (the psyche's qualities) and on the interaction that occurs between the signs themselves, in order to recognise the tendencies that strengthen reciprocally (convergent signs) and the tendencies that complete each other.

The personality is the complex result of a dominant temperament which, in theory, should never be entirely itself, but contain openings, which is to say sign presences which are different to the basic convergent nucleus. The latter can also be experienced by the Self as inner contradictions, in that they originated from the interference of signs that do not belong to the dominant temperament.

In this sense we can assert that the beauty of a personality is given by the harmonious play of the individual components that are organised around a central convergent nucleus (dominant temperament), but enriched by different presences, that make the personality less obvious, less predictable. A resistant temperament, for example, can contain within itself unexpected elements of opening (a sign of surrender), like a surrendering temperament can contain inside itself elements of inner resistance which are not entirely visible at first.

However, there are some handwritings in which one notes that a single sign dominates the handwriting to such an extent as to reveal a cumbersome presence which entirely dominates within the personality and attracts other signs of disequilibrium to itself, in the absence of any compensatory or balancing drive.

The result is that the handwriting immediately appears marked by a specific graphological sign, with a perceptive obviousness that immediately transmits the psyche suffering due to the disequilibrium of that single sign, which appears like a flashing light to draw attention to itself: the personality has lost the ability to balance itself, something in the psychic life of the subject is completely out of control and it is noticeably indicated.