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Personality traits in handwriting

The Morettian graphological method allow to define the following personality traits:

  1. The altruistic and egoistic movement in Self: Curved/Angular
    Graphological signs concerned:
    • Curved: openness, unselfishness, yieldingness
    • Profused: expansion
    • Top Opening of A – O: sexual tender emotion
    • Angular: selfishness, self-preservation and self-defence
    • A Angles: reactivity, resentment, emulation
    • B Angles: persistency or stubbornness in clinging
    • C Angles: shrewdness, manipulation, savoir faire
    • Acute: sharpness, contradiction
    • Arid: intellectual, moral and material meanness
    • Wrapped up: distrust
    • Touching Letters: apprehension
  2. Mental quantity: widths and distances in handwriting
    Graphological signs concerned:
    • Letter Width: potential openness of the mind
    • Spacing between Letters: fair judgement, stingy or liberal
    • Spacing between Words: reasoning, judgement, criticism
  3. Inventive abilities: uneveness
    Graphological signs concerned:
    • Methodically uneven: originality, inventiveness, creativity
    • Disorderly (randomly uneven): disorder, entangled ideas and actions
    • Even: tendency to sheer reproduction
    • Pedantic: pedantry
  4. Psychophysical energy: graphical pressure
    Graphological signs concerned:
    • Heavy: roughness, physical strength
    • Filiform: delicacy in feelings
    • Refined: fineness in feelings
    • Off-and-on carved I: to be goal-oriented, domineering, overbearing, independent
    • Off-and-on carved II: emotionality, impressionability
  5. Reality perception related to sentiment of the Self: the size of handwriting middle zone
    Graphological signs concerned:
    • Medium size: proportion inclined
    • Large size: exaggeration of closing easiness, hyperbole
    • Bold: megalomania
    • Small size: stressed detail observing inclined
    • Tiny: refinement in observation, development and logic conclusion
    • Meticulous: meticulousness
  6. Specific modes of psychic energy channelling and expression (graphical rhythm)
    Graphological signs concerned:
    • Fluid: spontaneity
    • Jerky: inner contraddictions leading to decision taking difficulty, surliness, anger
    • Calm: calmness
    • Slow: slowness
    • Rushing: recklessness, thoughtlessness
    • Springing: impulsiveness
    • Dynamic: dynamicism
    • Short cut: abrupt decision making
    • Quick: speed
    • Impatient: impatience, restlessness
    • Austere: strictness
    • Bold: boldness
    • Hesitant: shyness
    • Wavering: indecision
    • Pondered: careful consideration
    • Diminishing: weakening
    • Stately: pompousness, prosopopoeia
  7. Quality and intensity in affective relationships: graphic slant
    Graphological signs concerned:
    • Forward Slant: languor, abandonment
    • Upright: self-possesion
    • Backward Slant: tendency to contradiction
    • Straight Extensions: inflexibility
    • Right Bent Extensions: acquiescence
    • Left Bent Extensions: repulsion
  8. Psychological insight: axial direction
    Graphological signs concerned:
    • Sinuous: psychological penetration
    • Twisted: control
    • Parallel: one-sidedness, lack of empathy
    • Lithe: unsincere sympathy
  9. Character constancy: direction of lines
    Graphological signs concerned:
    • Stable on the Line: firmness
    • Rising: easily fired, presumption
    • Descending: moral weakness, discouragement, yieldingness
    • Planted on the Line: seriousness and reliability
  10. Continuity or fragmentation of inner movement: connection
    Graphological signs concerned:
    • Connected: continuity, unbroken process (in action, in feeling, in thought…)
    • Disconnected: detailed analysis
    • Overconnected: intuitive logic
  11. Clarity and precision in reality perception: form and accuracy
    Graphological signs concerned:
    • Clear: clearness in learning and communication
    • Neat: precision and distinction in self high opinion
    • Accurate: carefulness, accuracy, precision in outward appearance
    • Elegant: perspective art
    • Levigate: affected propriety, pretentious correctness
    • Dark: darkness in thought and action
    • Confused: confusion, bewilderment
    • Negligent: carelessness
    • Essential: sobriety, terseness
    • Tangled: nebulosity, indistinct superimposition
  12. Fugitive gesture: flourishes
    Graphological signs concerned:
    • Flourishes of Boldness: boldness
    • Flourishes of Confusion: confusion
    • Flourishes of Flattery: hypocrisy
    • Flourishes of Hiding: careful concealment of the self
    • Flourishes of Mythomania: fixed ideas, misinterpretation
    • Flourishes of Phlegm: phlegm in thought and action
    • Flourishes of Sobriety: sobriety, terseness
    • Flourishes of Subjectivism: attachment to the self, cold attractive art