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Personality analysis

What does the individual wish to know about himself when he refers to a graphologist?

It is comforting to know that even a profound connoisseur of the personality like Moretti had moments of confusion, during which he lost his internal thread of psychological knowledge. But in life something always happens which brings us back to ourselves.

Analysing the personality through graphological signs means connecting ourselves to our intellectual and emotional system which is aimed at protecting and expressing our individuality.

The personality is a structured system, composed of varied, complex elements that interact with each other in order to maintain the system's own equilibrium. In this sense each individual sign exerts a weight.

But the personality is also a system in development, in that the equilibrium is never completely stable: there are elements which strengthen the conservation aspect of the system itself and there are elements which have the apparent role of disintegration, but which in reality can represent the developmental openings that the conservation and protective part would like to refuse, but which are not negotiable. In this sense the personality experiences these openings as 'wounds', through which the external world enters directly and makes us more vulnerable than we wish. Therefore they are parts which must be hidden or denied.

The personality is a system which narrates itself, which justifies itself, which imposes itself with the resources it has available, whether these are carried out by means of direct action in order to achieve an end, or the capacity of artistic manipulation, or even self-pity which manipulates others so that they act on behalf of the subject himself. Each of us, however, must survive in some way, in a physical as well as psychic sense. The personality is a system that always wants to control the external world for purposes of self-protection and realisation, and therefore suffers for every personal inability in this sense.

The personality represents our psychological individuality which runs parallel to our physical individuality, whatever the intellectual and emotional potential that it represents. It is this that leads us in the world, and it is with that vision and those limits that we find fulfilment in the world.

Understanding the personality means entering into this strategic game of unveiling innate potentialities, by means of alternative phases of opening/closing expressed by totally individual operational methods.