The One Mind –The Unified Consciousness Field theory

Somehow, more and more detailed studies about the process of creativity, both in art and science, support the hypothesis that a mind is creative when connected to a wider field of consciousness existing outside the mind itself, to whom the mind belongs. Presently, it is not important if such a fiel is considered basically physical (John Hagelin’s Unified Field theory) or psychic  (the One Mind theory), in a sense that in both  the same postulates are considered: the most creative mind is able to connect to a wider whole it belongs to, who it can draw intuitions and visions from about the Universe structure  and the forms ruling life on the planet Earth. Hence, wisdom and knowledge in all application fields.

From a graphological point of view, the sign Methodically Uneven focuses attention  just on this point: the capacity of the Ego to connect to uniqueness of the present moment “here and now”, to grasp the underlying relationships linking phenomena and, finally, to keep investigating long enough, until the issue reorganize, by means of a totally unintentional and quite enigmatic process, into something new.

Clearly, all psychological knowledge about how the creative process takes place and the dual view of the sign Methodically Uneven can make sense just by assuming the existence of a wider knowledge field to which the individual belongs and  from which can draw something larger than the limited view he already possesses as acquired knowledge.

ccording to such explanation, the sign Methodically Uneven, which is a systematic variation of the letter size, becomes a sign of a creative processes when all the side issues necessary to an easy flow between the Ego and this hypothetical field are present: hence, indexes such as impetus (quick intuition) and a quite good spacing between letters (measure of openness in feeling and consequently, openmindedness) are important issues supporting a personality in its connecting movement between the Ego and the unified consciousness field we are all connected to.

A theoretical view still undemonstrated, both at a physical and psychological level, but becoming almost indispensable in practice.