Randomly Uneven

If a writing exhibits many size variations, but not in a steady way, so that the movement does not look rhythmic but incoherent, such personality has a strong ability to connect with the single events, but cannot gather from such events any organization principle. In other words, such personality is affected by a subjective variability which is  overinfluenced both  by  external (changing aspects of life) and inner factors (being at the mercy of ever-changing moods). Therefore, it becomes highly difficult to identify in such single events general principles, significant and valuable in themselves (structuring a consistent image of the Self to rely on), but also extremely difficult to set a personal order and ruling principles to life (changeability in study, work, relationships, opinions).

The psychological meaning is clearly described by the sign definition itself: “it is made of variations which are not repeated, like sudden jerks with no connection to before and after.. it can be said that all letters in such handwriting stand alone” “for instance, a letter in a place is shaped in a way never found in other places.” “Or, if such writing is quite Filiform, in some areas becomes suddenly marked with no reason.” ”Or some letters become suddenly bigger or smaller than the rest…” (14)

The psychological interpretation of this sign, according to the interpretative principle above specified, depends mainly on qualitative and quantitative observation of the specific “disorder” shown in the analyzed graphic setting. If it shows sudden and continuous size variations in a setting otherwise well organized (Fig. 6) such disorder belongs to Diminishing between Letters, as pertaining to its main meaning, i.e. unexpected mood changes, with more or less sudden mood swings from euphoria to depression or to distrust about the Self or others.

If such disorder depends also on the form and structure inconsistency of the writing movement, in addition to wide-ranged size variations, the sign Randomly Uneven takes the meaning of “vagueness in thought and feeling” (15). This personality, being at the mercy of endless subjective variations, is inclined to “disordered ideas, reasoning, logic and unsteadiness” (16); “action or conclusion of an action, whatever it is” (17). Though Spacing between letters and Letter Width are present, the sign Disorderly  “itself deprives intelligence of any conscious depth and generosity” (18).

  • Fig. 12 – Disorder depending on a marked structural changeability of the writing movement
    Handwriting: Disorder

This sign in itself does not lead to any vocation as, though the personality has some burst of originality, however it has no patience nor stability and not even memory to enable it to learn a job, even handwork, in order to gain some skill.

Furthermore, this sign is a direct measure of inclination to lie, not because such personality decides to change the description of the observed facts consciously, in order to gain some personal advantage, but just because –given its inner changeability and ill-structured psyche-it is unavoidably affected by a strong mental confusion. Therefore, talking becomes a pointless activity, affected by the subjective moment the ego is living up to, by the mood, the desire to keep others satisfied but not by a desire of objectivity; in fact, because of the above-mentioned  “vagueness” the trail itself carved in memory is vague and therefore slight. Hence, this personality cannot remember and replaces memories with its variable moods.

This sign always requires a careful contextual interpretation because at a low level it is a sign of extravagance, instability in love and work, but –at the highest level- it can suggest restlessness and disorder of a highly pathological or asocial nature.