Upright handwriting, says Moretti, is that which does not slant, namely all the letters must form an angle of 90° to the base line, for the full realisation of the sign.

  • Fig. 4 – Upright handwriting in nearly all the letters (10/10 of the sign)
    Handwriting sample: upright handwriting in nearly all the letters

If the handwriting is upright with respect to the base line on average, but has oscillation values for the individual letters, the sign appears to be psychologically weaker.

  • Fig. 5 – Upright handwriting as results from the average of the individual letter oscillations
    Handwriting sample: upright handwriting as results from the average of the individual letter oscillations

Therefore, the Upright sign requires an overall stability and a constant inhibition of any movement that goes outside of the Self. Only in this way can the centring on itself reaches the true psychological meaning of the sign, which is that of self-possession, "self-possession in the demonstration of feelings, affectivity, verbal composure and behaviour in the full extent of the term, that is it concerns the external appearance and expression of affectivity." (Moretti, 1972, p. 367)
In another definition, self-possession "Is a habitual mood for which we feel self-sufficient, and an attitude of intelligence that leads to a certain unsociability." (Moretti, 1962, p. 6)
From the above definitions, we understand why the sign is fulfilled psychologically only when not only the individual is centred on himself (mainly upright handwriting), but when this behaviour is rigidly imposed and continually maintained and however, without oscillations towards others and without concessions of any kind.
It is the sign of seriousness and control, self-control and the imposition of will in order to appear strong and able to deal with practical difficulties. It gives an individual who has difficulty bending once he has delineated the behaviour to take. It indicates security, but also inhibition in expressing affectivity, because the individual feels embarrassment when showing his feelings, that is to say when expressing that which he believes would make him weak and not self-sufficient.