4. The graphological sign Off-and-on Carved II

The alternate pressure showing not only in descending but also in the upper and lower loops of the letters, and also in the connecting transverse lines, is the first requirement for the sign Off-and-on Carved II-
The second requirement qualifying this sign is a sudden, intense pressure change, so that if an increased pressure shows in descending extensions, we can discriminate between Off-and-on Carved II and I: the former shows a more precisely localized increase of pressure, while the latter shows it in the whole descending extension.

  • Off-and-on Carved II when an intense Unmethodically Uneven is present
    Handwriting sample: off-and-on carved

Psychologically, this movement suggests a transition from delicacy to strength, from mind subtlety to concrete matter: such an alternate –on principle –should enrich a personality at all levels, as matter is fully participating and vibrating according the subtlest currents of energy. Thus, for instance, this sign is essential to some professions, such as singer, actor as it makes voice, feelings and passions more expressive. The beauty of matter and he emotional richness of the physical plan are perceived in all their facets and can find a stronger expression. An intellectual showing this sign will not use his mind unilaterally only, totally separating it from other parts of the Self, as willing or not, his sensorial radar is at work, collecting information about matter absorbing sensations urging to be recognized. In medical and psychological diagnosis a considerable sensitivity is required regarding sensorial intuition (i.e., capacity to perceive both psychological and physical symptoms expressed by the body)
Generally, spontaneous attention to all the physical issues requires an impressionable personality, that is, sensitive to the impressions coming from the exterior world. Therefore, being impressionable, in this sense, depends on a kind of sensorial sensibility and sensitivity: these three words used by Moretti as synonyms, indicating specific qualities belonging to Off-and-on Carved II, always seen as related to the openness to the material world which impresses its charm on the psyche by revealing, from time to time, parts of itself.
A contextual interpretation of this sign requires an evaluation of the intensity and suddenness of such moments, that is of how the pressure changes happen, always remembering that –in order to keep the psyche well balanced, the received impression should be integrated in the personality context by the mind which estimates it and gives it a meaning; otherwise, the impression received by the mind on the sensorial plan will keep a ruling position, subduing the Ego. In other words, this means that an impression should not disturb mental activity, but enrich the mind with new information.
Therefore, this sign indicates imbalance, and not enrichment, whenever pressure changes are dramatic and sudden, so that a sudden current change occurs which is more difficult to integrate in the personality context. In such cases, this is a sign of being emotionally impressionable which, consequently, forces the whole personality to react instantly to such immediate sensations, both dramatic and fleeting, and at once replaced by other ones which themselves do not allow the mind time nor tranquillity to question them. Thus, the individual is characterized by physical restlessness, exceeding reactivity; he/she makes up his/her mind because of motivations suddenly appeared and disappeared as rapidly, according to the sensorial inputs collected in the world.
The sign Off-and-on Carved II, regarding its first basic requirement- pressure variation-is a really widespread sign, present in almost all handwritings, as it is almost impossible to find the three signs described above, Filiform, Heavy and Off-and-on Carved in a pure form.
All handwritings exhibit at least a minimum pressure variation, spread all over the graphic trace.
Therefore, this sign ought to be fully understood when its second characteristic is present, i. e. intense and sudden pressure: distribution and quantitative variation of these characteristics show us how and how strongly the richness of the outer world can touch, charm or overcome a personality.