3. The graphological sign Off-and-on Carved I

Off-and-on carved I is a methodic alternation of pressure, due to thinner ascending traits and thicker descending ones. Such characteristic, in itself, represents graphological beauty obtained with the qualities of both handwriting movements described above, Filiform and Heavy, correctly positioned; personality can both get into subtle currents in an open inspiration movement (Filiform), and concretize, to carry into the material world what it reaped, with the strength necessary to carry out this action (Heavy).
Such rhythmic alternation in the pressure distribution is psychologically necessary to the creative movement as much as Methodically Uneven; its presence is pointed out by Saudek, for instance, in Newton’s and Darwin’s handwriting.
Strictly related to this sign is also the inhibition force, intended as a capacity to collect all energies in the manifestation stage. Besides, such an action points out in the descending movement the attitude focused on the independency of the Ego, moving from the planning to the implementing stage, in the way such a personality wants it. It is clear that, the more intense and frequent such a descending marking is, the stronger the Ego feels its personal power of manifestation, to a point of being kept prisoner by such a power; for this reason, such a tendency may become a value in itself, even totally separated by the personality context, that is independent on the fact whether the wanting Ego who wants could also be an understanding Ego.
Self-realization desire is itself a legitimate aspiration; but Moretti, being a sharp-minded psychologist, spent little time and interest about luminous qualities of this sign and pointed out instead the possible negative outcomes for those who strongly want to express their individual will in morally and intellectually poor contexts.
Therefore, a precise discrimination of this sign’s intensity and context is necessary.
Generally, we can state that alternate pressure is a sign of inhibiting force and independent character; it is “a mean to separate our Ego from all the rest, as through the meaning of “Off-and-on Carved I” , an individual is endowed with force enough and power to say yes or no ” (T, 514)
In most cases showing such an alternate pressure, it can be noticed that descending marking is not present in all extensions, but occurs more or less frequently. From a psychological point of view, this means that the need of a manifestation of one’s will is not imperative, so that the individual is also open to collaboration.

  • Slight Off-and-on Carved I: independency without others’ dependency
    Handwriting sample: slight off-and-on carved

Whenever marking is systematically present in all descending traits, it becomes clear that there is no room for social adaptation, therefore what can be expected from such a personality-according to its moral and intellectual level-is nothing more than total independency regarding everything pertaining the Self (if Methodically Uneven is considerable) and indifference or self-imposed tolerance about all that regards others.
This sign becomes dangerous whenever it is too systematic (to the point of being technical) or intense (descending extensions so marked to lose both elasticity and speed in the performance) and/or whenever it is present in intellectually poor contexts, therefore what should be an instrument (the inhibitory force) supporting the intellectual gifts and personality values becomes a morbid need, compensatory to hide other uncapabilities or a sign of an Ego so developed in an individualistic sense to lose completely any contact with the human context. This exaggeration originates the need for imposing oneself, ambition of leading, overbearing, showing off of self assurance, fear of plots and betrayal.

  • Intense Off-and-on Carved I: direct tendency to be the leader
    Handwriting sample: intense off-and-on carved

When this sign is enhanced, it indicates a direct tendency to aggressiveness, assault in the individual, because his/her aim is to bend others’ will to give prominence to his/her own’s: such a tendency finally comes to invade all the individual’s thoughts and actions.
As this tendency grows along with its logical trend of development, it is clear that an individual seeking personal power in itself will unavoidably reap only adulation and lies, therefore progressively losing contact with reality: this because he/she perceives everything as a potential attack and, consequently, everything must be screened, filtered, separated, fixed.
Finally, only flatterers remain to do it, as everybody else is long gone. Moretti, in this sense, said that ”Just fools tend to leadership in itself” (T, 89-90).