1. The graphological sign Filiform

Writing by exerting a very slight pressure of the hand expresses a choice that is also a necessity of minimizing, as much as possible, the use of physical strength in our action, because we tend to avoid any kind of conflict about the material plan. The spontaneous attention of personality is focused on subtle energetic flows getting manifest in the world which requires only listening if we possess a sensitive enough instrument to perceive them.
Therefore, personality is endowed with an instinctive sensitivity, a delicacy in feeling referred to as an inborn disposition to perceiving all nuances of what we focus our attention on. This psychological disposition is used in all fields: mental, emotional and physical plan, giving its hue to the substantial intellective and emotional qualities of individuals.
In order to understand all psychological implications connected to this personality disposition, we ought to make it clear that the sign Filiform is out of the ordinary, in a sense it enhances a rejection of the material world. In the polarity matter/spirit, it simbolyzes clearly the latter, not because Filiform has nothing to do, in itself, with what is usually connected to this term (goodness, consideration of others’ needs, etc.) but because there is a strict choice of value by which, we could say, it is instinctively recognized that the subtle energetic level is the source, whereas matter is perceived as the final, least valuable part of reality. It is clear that such a view of the world contains a luminous facet, the rich subtle world which personality can come into, but also it comprehends all fears of personality sensing that a part of the world, the more material one, has not been understood but only moved somewhere else.
Because of this energetic rooting, actually incomplete, whenever Filiform is evenly diffused, personality emerges as strong about all fields requiring subtle discrimination and weak in those requiring physical endurance.
Those who possess the sign Filiform are surrounded by the perception of subtle stimuli; therefore, they perceive and are affected by weather changes; they hear any sound around them, any even unexpressed request for attention, and for this reason they get irritated because of an exceeding stimulation, which can be mistaken for nervousness; in feeding they are queasy, in a sense picky, because objectively they feel that very often the material plan, if not adequately discriminated, does not feed but poison them. Delicacy in feelings becomes also a measure of their tendency to white lies as they say half-truths non necessarily because of tender-heartedness but in order to avoid friction and direct conflict; Filiform does not seek for clashes about the material plan (even though it may bite and tease others by means of his/her subtle sensitivity) because he/she does not want to acknowledge top priority to this level, which it is not perceived as his/her own.
Personality is dominated by sentiment, that feels almost as a prisoner of its subtle sensitivity: thus, the graphological sign Filiform is a measure of a sensitivity prone to liking and disliking; it carries the inclination to a certain asociality, due to a rejection of what is perceived as ordinary, noisy, rough. Personality backs off from situations not fulfilling its needs, because it is unable to enjoy situations too dense from a material point of view.
Delicacy in feeling owns itself a strong need for discrimination, to a point it can get to desperate attack and /or self-inflicted injury, rather than surrendering to impositions which can damage personal dignity, perceived as necessary to the individual.
As mentioned above, Delicacy in feeling does not mean disposition to unselfishness, as this depends on other signs (Curve in primis), but is actually an enhancement of sensitivity, both in the selfless and selfish sense, depending on the context. For instance, Filiform with angles can spell –if it wants- forms of revenge treacherous because more subtle, hitting the target and getting deep inside, much more than a blow. A combination Curve and Filiform can amplify sympathy, but surely it minimizes intervention, as Filiform cannot face difficult situations, because it cannot stand them.
More precise suggestions require a contextual interpretation, keeping in mind that, as always, a sign is reinforced by Methodically Uneven, therefore subtle sensitivity becomes part of the originality in the expression of the Self; on the contrary, a less differentiated context (such as Even, exceedingly Curve, Accurate or Negligent) shows a lacking life energy that makes feelings evanescent and vacuous.